RichSax, Serenading San Diego RichSax, Serenading San Diego


Rich Sax loves to sing and entertain. He inherited this passion from his Mother, the late Renee Sax, who passed away in 1981 at the young age of 51. Renee was a timeless standards singer who sang beautifully, reminiscent of Ella Fitzgerald. Rich decided after she passed to continue her legacy and developed a deep love for traditional, timeless standards from the Great American Songbook. Rich began formalized vocal study first under Alla Markovich, and then later Daniel Hendricks. Rich began by performing in those places where his voice coaches sang, as a guest singer. Encouraged by the friendly response from the audience, and the accolades received, he blossomed into his own and began to sing professionally in restaurants, country clubs, yacht clubs and private engagements. Rich has performed at Bing Crosby's Restaurant and Piano Bar in Fashion Valley, DiMille in Kensington, as a Friday night regular, Cefalus in Old Town, Canapes in San Marcos Restaurant Row, Nugents Sea Foods in Scripps Poway Parkway and a host of other restaurants. Rich is also a frequent performer at the Escondido Country Club, StoneRidge Country Club, and has also performed at the Silvergate Yacht Club and Mission Bay Yacht Club.

Rich was born and raised in the great city of Chicago and lives in North County. He sings My Kind of Town with an authentic heart. Rich hopes to see you at one of his shows, and share his love of the classics with you in a fun-filled, happy evening.

Renee Sax

Renee Sax Listen to Renee
RichSax, Serenading San Diego
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